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casting Veteran magneto platform
casting Veteran magneto platformVeteran magneto platform casting part of the exhaust box
1 of 3 castings
Chain Guard C series
Chain Guard C seriesChain Guard C series used from 1930 to 34 fits the latter c series Bikes

Small batch of 3 made for a one off run once gone their gone
Champion Spark Plug 6 COM
Champion Spark Plug 6 COMChampion Spark Plug 6 COM new old stock

once their gone their gone

I used one of these plug in 2018 on the cannonball run for 3500 mile and had no problem with them fouling they run better on unleaded then champion 7 as they are a bit hotter then a 7
Clutch Cable Model P
Clutch Cable Model PClutch Cable Model P - fully assembled with adjuster and nipple. 4.5 ft in length
Will fit model N ,Q, QA and early NSD
Clutch Friction Plate Model CO-CSD and Later
Clutch Friction Plate Model CO-CSD and LaterNew clutch Plates laser cut from modern material 143mm OD 111mm ID x 2.5mm Thick£15.00
Clutch Friction Plate Model H and Sturmey Archer CS gear Box
Clutch Friction Plate Model H and Sturmey Archer CS gear Box £12.50
Clutch Friction Plate Model P/N and later
Clutch Friction Plate Model P/N and later £12.50
Clutch plate CO-CSD steel
Clutch plate CO-CSD steelsteel clutch plate CO-CSD laser cut £15.00
Clutch Plate CS gearbox Sturmey Archer
Clutch Plate CS gearbox Sturmey Archer £7.00
Clutch plate inter SD/Ricardo
Clutch plate inter SD/RicardoHarden and tempered spring steel clutch plates nitrogen cut out of 0.8 spring steel

price per Plate
Clutch Plate SD and Ricardo Bronze inter
Clutch Plate SD and Ricardo Bronze interphosphor bronze sheet water jet cut to the same sizes inter plate£21.00
Clutch release rod
Clutch release rodClutch release rod model P/N etc£10.00
Exhaust model N
Exhaust model NComplete model N Exhaust system hand made.
Magneto Cable Model P
Magneto Cable Model PMagneto Cable Model P. Fully assembled with rubber grommet and nipple. 3 ft long.£11.00
Model P/N/Q/NSD crank pin
Model P/N/Q/NSD crank pinModel P/N/Q/NSD crank pin.

Made from Aerospace grade material this pin is made to withstand hard condition.

This batch was made for the Cannonball Run across the USA and  My crank completed 4000 miles on the road running 3/4 to full throttle each day.
Model P/N/Q/NSD guides
Model P/N/Q/NSD guidesValve guides made from cast iron or from Colsibro
​​​​​​I believe Colsibro is the best on exhaust Valves and can be used of Inlets also.
I raced my model P across the USA with Colsibro guides and never got a stuck Valve running 1 1/2 thou clearance on both 
Nut 5/16 whit x 0.300 wide for spring clamp bolt
Nut 5/16 whit x 0.300 wide for spring clamp boltNut for front spring clamp bolt 3/8 whit x 0.300 wide 7/16 hex£3.00
Oval Tubing 2 x 0.5m Rear Stand Tube
Oval Tubing 2 x 0.5m Rear Stand Tube5/8 x 1 1/8  oval  with 2mm wall thickness.

This listing is for 2 of 0.5m lengths

used for rear stands in most triumph motorbikes

Due to length of the tube, postage is too high to regularly send 1m lengths, especially abroad. We will now sell by default the tubing already cut in two. If you wish to have an uncut 1m, please contact us and we can arrange additional postage
Primary cover P/N and later
Primary cover P/N and laterHand made to fit P and N will fit most model up to early NSD£300.00
Second gear set
Second gear setThis is a new set of second Gears for your box both gear are of a higher quality material better then the original
Please note orientation when fitting in gears as one gear is fitted with the x facing out when building and the other has to be put in with the chamfer the correct direction .
On later Boxes triumph beefed up the selector and you may need to grind with a die grinder some clearance on the selector arm to give some clearance over the teeth as their where two types of gears and this will fit both with this modification.

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