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Magneto SparesMagneto Spares

Cable nipple 783 5off
Cable nipple 783 5offCable nipple 783 bag of 5.
155 thou dia on big end then 108 thou dia by 220 thou long 72 thou hole used on inverted levers and valve lifters.
Cable nipples 1244 5off
Cable nipples 1244 5offCable nipples 1244 bag of 5
 1/8 dia x 1/8 long 72 thou hole use as a cylinder on end of cable
Cable nipples 2451 5 off
Cable nipples 2451 5 offCable nipples 2451 bag of 5.
190 thou  on big end then 140 thou dia 300 thou long 72 thou hole used on inverted levers
Cable No0 control
Cable No0 controlControl cable No 0 0.050 dia inter.
5 meters of inter and outer in a bag.
Cable No1 control
Cable No1 controlCable No1 control 0.062 dia inter.
5 metres of inter and outer.
Cable No2 control
Cable No2 controlControl cable No2 0.075 dia inter.
5 metres of inter and outer.
Cable No3 control
Cable No3 controlControl cable No3 0.085 dia inter
5 metres of inter and outer
Piston Model N
Piston Model NModel N piston and later Standard ,20 ,40 and 60 thou
Aluminium piston 1 3/4 compression height
Oil pump leather washer 15/16
Oil pump leather washer 15/16Oil pump leather washer
15/16 OD
Spring P/N and other for Rear Brake 1/2
Spring P/N and other for Rear Brake 1/2Brake spring fits Model P N and others.
1/2 inch between the mounting plates.
stops shoe rubbing.on belt rim.

Spring carburettor throttle set of 2
Spring carburettor throttle set of 2Carburettor throttle spring set OF 2 springs 3/4 dia X 3 3/8 fit model H and later carbs with the same size springs.

Spring Model P Brake pedal
Spring Model P Brake pedalModel P Brake pedal spring
bearing P/N gearbox
bearing P/N gearboxGearbox bearing 1 1/8 x 2 1/8 x 3/8 wide deep grove bearing
2 need in P / N gearbox 
Bolt and nut Model P/N etc Sprocket
Bolt and nut Model P/N etc SprocketModel P/N  etc Bolt and nut to hold or rear sprocket . £7.47
Cable carburettor no0
Cable carburettor no0

Carburettor cable no0

Over 130cm long on outer so cut to suit your application

will fit veteran carbs and all the Vintage twin barrel carbs up to 1928 made of no 0 cable

Cable Nipple 976/1 5 off
Cable Nipple 976/1 5 off

1/4 dia x 1/8 wide used on the model P/N and later Levers

Pack off 5

Carburetor fuel nut
Carburetor fuel nutCarburetor fuel nut
9/16 X 25Tpi
Brass hex.
Carburetor needle
Carburetor needle

Carburettor needle

72.5mm suits early Model H
78.6 mm suits P and later
85mm long machine to what you need
check your size as there has been some carbs that need longer Needles and are from the wrong model also

you must set your float level one this is installed

Carburettor drain cap twin barrel
Carburettor drain cap twin barrelCarburetor drain cap twin barrel H etc£13.00
Carburettor Float twin barrel carbs
Carburettor Float twin barrel carbsFloat Vintage twin barrel Carburettor
Brand new carb float to fit float bowls with the needle that seals in the top screw on cap.
Will fit model H,SD,P,PN,N,NSD etc

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