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Bolt timing cover screw
Bolt timing cover screwBolt timing cover screw.
special thread 5mm x 26 tpi x 1 1/16 long
brooks coach bolt
brooks coach boltbrooks coach bolt 1/4 whit.
used to hold spring on seat specialy made for us with square under head
Brooks seat badge
Brooks seat badgeBrooks seat badge 65long*13wide
Small Pressing, will need to be nickled or painted. Comes as plain metal badge.
Brooks Seat clamp
Brooks Seat clamp £49.50
Brooks Seat Pan for B170
Brooks Seat Pan for B170Brooks Seat Pan for Brooks b170 seats hand made from steel.£49.50
Cable Nipple 1743/25 5 off
Cable Nipple 1743/25 5 off £2.20
Cable nipple 2448-P 5 off
Cable nipple 2448-P 5 off £3.30
Cable nipple 783 5off
Cable nipple 783 5off £2.20
Cable nipples 1244 5off
Cable nipples 1244 5off £2.20
Cable nipples 2451 5 off
Cable nipples 2451 5 off £2.20
Cable No0 control
Cable No0 controlControl cable No 0 0.050 dia inter.
5 meters of inter and outer in a bag.
Cable No1 control
Cable No1 controlCable No1 control 0.062 dia inter.
5 metres of inter and outer.
Cable No2 control
Cable No2 controlControl cable No2 0.075 dia inter.
5 metres of inter and outer.
Cable No3 control
Cable No3 controlControl cable No3 0.085 dia inter
5 metres of inter and outer
Piston Model N
Piston Model NModel N piston and later Standard ,20 ,40 and 60 thou
Aluminium piston 1 3/4 compression height
From: £280.50
Oil pump leather washer
Oil pump leather washerOil pump leather washer
15/16 OD
Spring P/N and other for Rear Brake 1/2
Spring P/N and other for Rear Brake 1/2Brake spring fits Model P N and others.
1/2 inch between the mounting plates.
stops shoe rubbing.on belt rim.

Spring carburettor throttle set of 2
Spring carburettor throttle set of 2Carburettor throttle spring set ,2 springs 3/4 dia X 3 3/8 fit model H and later carbs with the same size springs.

Spring Model P Brake pedal
Spring Model P Brake pedalModel P Brake pedal spring
Bearing 1163X/1120NI 1/2 bore wheel bearing
Bearing 1163X/1120NI 1/2 bore wheel bearingBearing 1163X/1120NI 1/2 bore wheel bearing.
for Triumph P and later 
‚Äč1/2 x 1 3/4 x 7/8 wide

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