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Magneto spares

Ball 1/4 Pack of 48
Ball 1/4 Pack of 48Ball 1/4 - Pack of 48£3.00
Ball 3/16 Pack of 48
Ball 3/16 Pack of 48Ball 3/16 pack of 48£3.00
Ball 5/32
Ball 5/32

Ball 5/32

sold per ball at £0.10 each

Ball 50 x 1/8
Ball 50 x 1/8Ball 1/8 in a pack of 50 £3.00
Ball 7/32
Ball 7/32

Ball 7/32

sold as one ball at £0.10

Bearing MC22
Bearing MC22

MC22 RS bearing single row bearing 22 x 50 x 17mm.

Now with a oil seal in one side also.

Bearing Model N lower Headrace set
Bearing Model N lower Headrace setModel N lower Headrace set
One set of cups and cones no balls
1 1/8 bore
2 1/6 od
Bearing upper race set Veterans and Model H/SD and Ricardo
Bearing upper race set Veterans and Model H/SD and RicardoBearing upper race set veterans and model H/SD and ricardo
Inter and out race no balls
Bolt 1/4 dia x 2 inch hex head domed
Bolt 1/4 dia x 2 inch hex head domedBolt hex head domed Model P and later 1/4 dia 24 tpi  x 2 inch long cut to length to suit uses on bike in many places like guards etc.Threaded all the way to head.£3.50
Bolt Kick starter Cotter
Bolt Kick starter CotterKick starter Cotter bolt 3/8 dia.x 1 3/16 on the body£2.25
Bolt lubrication screws
Bolt lubrication screwsBolt lubrication screws 8ba thread with screwdriver slot£2.00
Bolt Model P frame long 3.400
Bolt Model P frame long 3.400Bolt Model P / N frame long
3/8 x 3.400 long
Bolt Model P frame short 2.900
Bolt Model P frame short 2.900Bolt Model P frame 3/8 x 2.900 long Hex head 0.600£7.00
Bolt Model P Magneto
Bolt Model P Magneto

Model P Magneto bolt 3/8 whit x 5/8 long

Fits also N and the NSD range

Bolt timing cover screw
Bolt timing cover screwBolt timing cover screw.
special thread 5mm x 26 tpi x 1 1/16 long
brooks coach bolt
brooks coach boltbrooks coach bolt 1/4 whit.
used to hold spring on seat specially made for us with square under head
Brooks seat badge
Brooks seat badgeBrooks seat badge 65long*13wide
Small Pressing, will need to be nickled or painted. Comes as plain metal badge.
Brooks Seat clamp
Brooks Seat clamp £50.00
Cable Nipple 1743/25 5 off
Cable Nipple 1743/25 5 off £2.50
Cable nipple 2448-P 5 off
Cable nipple 2448-P 5 off £2.50

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