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Magneto SparesMagneto Spares

Cable carburettor no0
Cable carburettor no0

Carburettor cable no0

Over 130cm long on outer so cut to suit your application

will fit veteran carbs and all the Vintage twin barrel carbs up to 1928 made of no 0 cable

Carburetor fuel nut
Carburetor fuel nutCarburetor fuel nut
9/16 X 25Tpi
Brass hex.
Carburetor needle
Carburetor needle

Carburettor needle

72.5mm suits early Model H
78.6 mm suits P and later
85mm long machine to what you need
check your size as there has been some carbs that need longer Needles and are from the wrong model also

you must set your float level one this is installed

Carburettor drain cap twin barrel
Carburettor drain cap twin barrelCarburetor drain cap twin barrel H etc£13.00
Carburettor Float twin barrel carbs
Carburettor Float twin barrel carbsFloat Vintage twin barrel Carburettor
Brand new carb float to fit float bowls with the needle that seals in the top screw on cap.
Will fit model H,SD,P,PN,N,NSD etc
Carburettor fuel nipple
Carburettor fuel nippleCarburettor fuel nipple to fit the 3/16 copper pipe into.£7.50
Carburettor main jet
Carburettor main jet

Carburettor main jet for the vintage twin barrel Carburettor ( both barrel are the same size).

Drilled 28 thou use a set of number drill to increase in size if needed.

carburettor tickler
carburettor ticklercarburettor tickler for vintage twin barrel carburettor ( barrel has both bores the same size)£20.00
Carburettor bolt gasket
Carburettor bolt gasketCarburettor bolt gasket petrol resistant material£1.44
Carburettor fuel bowl gasket
Carburettor fuel bowl gasketCarburettor fuel bowl gasket petrol residence Material
some of the early bowls need a small amount taking of OD

I do it on the grinder on the od
Carburretor locking bolt 1/4 thread
Carburretor locking bolt 1/4 threadCarburretor locking bolt 1/4 thread whit x 41/64 under shoulder with square head and screw driver slot£2.87
Casting CS gearbox Clutch Arm
Casting CS gearbox Clutch ArmBronze casting Need Machining for your application£14.95
casting front forks
casting front forks

Front fork Casting set will fit veterans and also model H forks investment cast in En8 steel

We have had to order 40 sets to make some complete forks limited time will be sell casting for repairs or make your own forks

Casting handle bars
Casting handle barsCasting for handle barsunmachined£28.75
Casting Lobster Tail lower Bracket
Casting Lobster Tail lower Bracket

Casting Lobster Tail lower Bracket

1914 and Model H than early SD

Casting Model H and Early SD Mudguard support
Casting Model H and Early SD Mudguard supportCasting for Model H Mudgaurd support.SG cast iron.£25.30
Casting Model H brake arm
Casting Model H brake armCasting Model H brake arm£17.25
Casting Model H Exhaust
Casting Model H ExhaustCasting Model H Exhaust£21.00
Casting Model H Foot brake
Casting Model H Foot brakeCasting Model H Foot brake£23.00
Casting Model H Primary
Casting Model H PrimaryCasting Model H Primary we have both patterns enquire
Flat one for the badge and one with a dome for the crush drive both unmachined

The flat on the inside you can do as below.
The inside it is not dished in so you can machine most of the dome off the outside and then you can fit the badge on the cover.

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