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Clutch Friction Plate Model P/N and later
Clutch Friction Plate Model P/N and later £12.50
Control lever single
Control lever singleControl lever single
unplated used to Advance Magento
Control lever twin
Control lever twin £140.00
Fuel Cap 1 5/8 brass
Fuel Cap 1 5/8 brassFuel Cap 1 5/8 brass stamped Rotherhams Coventry.
Ready to plate.
Bayonet clip on cap.
Fuel Cap 2" dia Brass
Fuel Cap 2" dia BrassFuel Cap 2" brass stamped Rotherhams Coventry.
Ready to plate.
Bayonet clip on cap.
Handle bars Junior
Handle bars JuniorHandle bars Junior 7/8 Bars ~22inch across bars£40.00
Handle bars Model H
Handle bars Model H £40.00
Handle bars Model P (Ricardo)
Handle bars Model P (Ricardo)Handle bars Model P 29 inches end to end£35.00
Handle bars Veterans late (early baby)
Handle bars Veterans late (early baby)Handle bars Veterans 7/8 bars 22 inch across approx£40.00
Manual Gloria side car spares
Manual Gloria side car sparesManual Gloria side car spares£8.50
Mudguard Model P etcMudguard Model late SD ,P ,N ,Q NSD etc
C shape guard for 26 '' tyres
plain section no dimples 
you will need to dimples to suit

Note:-  large item so postage to overseas can be over £50 each they pack to be around 80cm x 60 cm x 20 cm in size and around 2.5 kg each
Nut 1/4 whit
Nut 1/4 whit £1.75
Nut 3/8 x 5/16 wide
Nut 3/8 x 5/16 wideNut 3/8 x 5/16 wide 0.6 thou hex for some frame bolts£2.00
Nut 7/16 thread built in washer
Nut 7/16 thread built in washer £3.50
Nut crankcase 1/4 blind hole
Nut crankcase 1/4 blind holeNut crankcase 1/4 blind hole£4.00
Nut for Cylinder barrel late
Nut for Cylinder barrel lateNut for Cylinder barrel  5/16 whit£6.85
Nut fork Pivot
Nut fork PivotFork Pivot nut
5/16  x 30 tpi special thread

holds spring carrier to top of forks when used with fork pivot bolt
Oiler cover Triumph large
Oiler cover Triumph largeVeteran Oiler Triumph
1 3/8 on centres
spring steel with ball
Oiler Short one
Oiler Short oneOiler Short one£10.00
Oval Tubing 1m length (rear stand tube)
Oval Tubing 1m length (rear stand tube)5/8 x 1 1/8 2mm wall thickness.

used for rear stands in most triumph motorbikes

Due to length of the tube postage may increase drastically, however email us if you want to cut
it in half and reduce postage after you have placed the order and paid.

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