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Toolboxes veterans

Toolboxes veterans
Full leather construction with brooks tool box catches

Transfer early veterans
Transfer early veteransTransfer for Tank early vetrans£5.00
Transfer Patent 12165
Transfer Patent 12165 £3.75
Transfer Patents 12165/05
Transfer Patents 12165/05 £4.00
Valve cap copper washer for veterans
Valve cap copper washer for veteransVeteran Valve cap copper washer
1 1/2 bore x 0.07 thick
Valve caps for veterans
Valve caps for veteransVeteran valve cap Plain made of Brass
1 1/2 16 tpi x 7 /16 long thread
Valve caps for veterans with spark plug thread
Valve caps for veterans with spark plug threadVeteran Valve cap spark plug side made of Brass
1 1/2 thread 16 Tpi  x 7/16 long thread
M18 x 1.5 spark plug
Valve Cotter square 60 thou
Valve Cotter square 60 thouValve Cotter square 60 thou thick used on 8mm valves only£1.00
valve Keeper 1908-10 valve
valve Keeper 1908-10 valve1908-10 valve keeper 8mm bore.£9.00
Valve lifter cable conntector
Valve lifter cable conntectorValve lifter cable connector£10.00
Valve Tappet guide early rounded end
Valve Tappet guide early rounded endValve Tappet guide early rounded end.
Honed bore and ground od made to original sizes
Valve Tappet plain
Valve Tappet plainTappet plain non adjustable Harden and ground
grind off small end to get correct clearance.
for 1908 to 1910
Veteran Drive Pulley with holes
Veteran Drive Pulley with holesVeteran Drive Pulley 1908 to 1910 7/8 belt with holes in pulley£230.00
Veteran drive Triumph TT Pulleys
Veteran drive Triumph TT PulleysVeteran Triumph TT Drive Pulleys or if you want to get a bit more top end speed for your veteran.£220.00
Veteran Rear Stand Clip
Veteran Rear Stand ClipVeteran Rear Stand Clip bolt brazed in, made of spring steel.

Spring and Dog bone clip sold separately
Westwood Rim 26 inch x 2 1/2 x 32 holes
Westwood Rim 26 inch x 2 1/2 x 32 holes

Westwood Rim 26 inch x 2 1/2 x 32 holes

575mm od x 51mm across rim
I have a limited amount or new old stock rims witch are over 30 years old 2mm section and pre drilled 
some are painted in black some are plain metal and some have light rust ( no pitting will polish up fine for nickling or painting)
Wheel Dust cover 1" bore
Wheel Dust cover 1" boreWheel Dust cover 1" bore 1 5/8 od inside clearance of hub 1.6" 1/4 wide£8.50

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