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Magneto SparesMagneto Spares

Cable carburettor no0
Cable carburettor no0

Carburettor cable no0

Over 130cm long on outer so cut to suit your application

will fit veteran carbs and all the Vintage twin barrel carbs up to 1928 made of no 0 cable

Carburettor Float Veteran carbs
Carburettor Float Veteran carbsCarburettor Float Veteran carbs
Brand new carb float to fit float bowls with the bob weights that move the needle onto its seat.
Carburettor fuel nipple
Carburettor fuel nippleCarburettor fuel nipple to fit the 3/16 copper pipe into.£7.50
Cast rear Forks No B
Cast rear Forks No B

Cast rear Forks No B

used as brake arm mount 

and exhaust lug also

Casting Brake rim hook
Casting Brake rim hookCasting Brake rim hook used on veterans£25.30
Casting Fork Lamp bracket
Casting Fork Lamp bracketCasting for Fork Lamp bracket investment cast in nickel bronze£20.70
Casting Freewheel cover veterans
Casting Freewheel cover veteransCasting Freewheel cover veterans
2 pieces unmachined
casting front forks
casting front forks

Front fork Casting set will fit veterans and also model H forks investment cast in En8 steel

We have had to order 40 sets to make some complete forks limited time will be sell casting for repairs or make your own forks

Casting handle bars
Casting handle barsCasting for handle barsunmachined£28.75
casting lamp bracket 1909
casting lamp bracket 1909Lamp bracket casting 1909.
Cast in bronze.unmachined
casting rear forks belt Kick out
casting rear forks belt Kick outcasting rear forks belt Kick out£25.30
casting rear forks L/H
casting rear forks L/Hcasting rear forks left hand end£28.75
casting rear forks pedal eccentric
casting rear forks pedal eccentriccasting rear forks pedal eccentric £34.50
casting rear forks R/H
casting rear forks R/Hcasting rear forks Right hand end£28.75
Casting rear stand swivel
Casting rear stand swivelCasting for rear stand swivel one cast lug.£12.65
casting rear stay  ends No D
casting rear stay ends No D

casting rear stay  ends casting

2 cast needed per rear stays

Sold as 1 casting 1 top lug and 1` bottom lug

can be used in most model to make the stays from

casting rear stay  hockey stick
casting rear stay hockey stick

casting rear stay  hockey stick

used on rear stay to miss the belt rim

can be used on model H also may need some more kick added

Casting stand arms 1 pair
Casting stand arms 1 pairCasting stand arms set of 2 one  1 L/H and 1 R/H£57.50
casting Timing cover early
casting Timing cover early £126.50
Casting Veteran brake pedal
Casting Veteran brake pedalCasting Veteran brake pedal 1908 to approx 1910£25.30

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