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Cable No1 control
Cable No1 controlCable No1 control 0.062 dia inter.
5 metres of inter and outer.
Cable No2 control
Cable No2 controlControl cable No2 0.075 dia inter.
5 metres of inter and outer.
Oil pump leather washer
Oil pump leather washerOil pump leather washer
15/16 OD
Spring front brake stirrup
Spring front brake stirrupSpring for Front brake stirrup assembly£1.50
Springs for Valve early style round wire. 1 pair
Springs for Valve early style round wire. 1 pair £16.00
casting for Veteran brake shoe
casting for Veteran brake shoeCasting for Veteran brake shoe from SG iron has to be fettled and machined to suit your application£25.00
Casting Number plate bracket
Casting Number plate bracket

Bronze casting unmachined

Valve for 1908 - 10  8mm
Valve for 1908 - 10 8mmEngine valve 8 mm stem overall length 4.640" small slot 0.063" wide. Inlet or exhaust£50.00
Valve guide 8mm for veteransValve guide 8mm for veterans cast iron reamed finished to suit our valves
1908 and 1910 Engines 8mm stems
Nut cylinder Barrel early type
Nut cylinder Barrel early typeCylinder Barrel Nut.
Nut for early veteran 5/16 whit x 0.525 hex
Belt Dressing (Aerosol can)(UK ONLY)
Belt Dressing (Aerosol can)(UK ONLY)Pick up at show only as postage restriction apply
Used to reduce slip in belts.

no overseas postage 
Carburetor top Large thread for veterans
Carburetor top Large thread for veteransCarburetor top Large thread for veterans£18.00
Carburetor top small thread for veterans
Carburetor top small thread for veteransCarburetor top small thread for veterans£17.00
Carburettor Float Veteran carbs
Carburettor Float Veteran carbsCarburettor Float Veteran carbs
Brand new carb float to fit float bowls with the bob weights that move the needle onto its seat.
Carburettor fuel nipple
Carburettor fuel nippleCarburettor fuel nipple to fit the 3/16 copper pipe into.£5.50
Casting Brake rim hook
Casting Brake rim hookCasting Brake rim hook used on veterans£20.00
Casting Exhaust veteran end
Casting Exhaust veteran end £60.00
Casting for handle bars
Casting for handle barsCasting for handle barsunmachined£22.00
Casting for Veteran front Mudguard
Casting for Veteran front MudguardCasting for Veteran front Mudguard cast SG iron£20.00
Casting Fork Lamp bracket
Casting Fork Lamp bracketCasting for Fork Lamp bracket investment cast in nickel bronze£12.00

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