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Bolt for Mudguards 1/4 x 1/2 long
Bolt for Mudguards 1/4 x 1/2 longBolt for Mudguards stays 1/4 x 1/2 long with built in washer.£3.85
Bolt fork Pivot to spring
Bolt fork Pivot to springFork Pivot bolt that clamps to the spring housing
5/16  x 30 tpi special thread

Thread to under side of head.
Bolt lubrication screws
Bolt lubrication screwsBolt lubrication screws 8ba thread with screwdriver slot£2.09
Bolt Magneto long square head
Bolt Magneto long square headMagneto Bolt long square head to bolt the magneto to the platform 3/8 whit thread.£12.65
Bolt Magneto short square head
Bolt Magneto short square headMagneto bolt short square head 3/8 whit to bolt Mag to platform. £10.18
Bolt rear Carrier veterans
Bolt rear Carrier veteransBolt rear Carrier veterans 3/8 and a 5/16 thread and 3/8 wide on hex
Will need a thin nut and split pin.
see nut section thin nut is 3/8 x 24 tpi x 0.16 wide
Bolt rear stand clip
Bolt rear stand clipspecial bolt for rear stand clip 1/4 x 1 5/8 with split pin hole fit dog bone clamp onto this.£6.60
Bolt timing cover screw
Bolt timing cover screwBolt timing cover screw.
special thread 5mm x 26 tpi x 1 1/16 long
Bolt Veteran saddle stem clamp 5/16
Bolt Veteran saddle stem clamp 5/16Veteran saddle stem clamp bolt 4 3/8 long 5/16 whit domed head£7.15
Brake Cannon
Brake Cannon £8.80
Brammer drive belt 7/8 Inch
Brammer drive belt 7/8 Inch
7/8 Brammer link drive belt.
3 link construction.
Sold by the foot.
Brooks Toolbox Catches 1 pair
Brooks Toolbox Catches 1 pair1 pair of Brooks Toolbox Catches Nickle plated.
No lock inside.
Nickle plated.
Cable Nipple 1743/25 5 off
Cable Nipple 1743/25 5 off £2.20
Cable nipple 2448-P 5 off
Cable nipple 2448-P 5 off £3.30
Cable nipple 783 5off
Cable nipple 783 5off £2.20
Cable nipples 1244 5off
Cable nipples 1244 5off £2.20
Cable nipples 2451 5 off
Cable nipples 2451 5 off £2.20
Cable No0 control
Cable No0 controlControl cable No 0 0.050 dia inter.
5 meters of inter and outer in a bag.
Cable No1 control
Cable No1 controlCable No1 control 0.062 dia inter.
5 metres of inter and outer.
Cable No2 control
Cable No2 controlControl cable No2 0.075 dia inter.
5 metres of inter and outer.

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